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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The all too INFAMOUS Hole in the Sheet

Note: Video displays some male nudity (a clip from "The DaVinci Code"). Your call if you want to watch, otherwise, just read the little bit below.

MaNistana's latest video is based on...well, read on.

Orthodox Jewish Sex Ed.:

Now, what I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend is that having sex through a hole in a sheet is very lenient. The more machmir (strigent) position is using a hole in the wall. (Sigh. I feel dirty just writing that but I have to point out how stupid misinformation gets passed around.)

My little sister, who is not Jewish (Why does everyone keep asking if my sisters converted too? Do you think it's like catching or something?), said that she would have found this funnier if she hadn't answered this question ("Do Orthodox Jews have a sex through a hole in a sheet?") so often after telling people her sister is an Orthodox Jew. She notes that also doesn't discuss the sexual habits of Japanese people (she's an Asianophile) or for that matter any of her siblings...with anyone.

By the way, the first I was asked this question was at work. The second time at work. The third get the picture. How...inappropriate.

Also, it isn't it remarkable how bloggers Jew in the City aka Allison Josephs and MaNishtana aka Shais Rison, who is obviously much more risque and sarcastic, differ in their approaches to educating people about the habits of Orthodox Jews? Sort of just blows that myth that we're all penguin clones out of the water. Um, yeah.