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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pain, pain go away

Woke up in excruciating pain. Usually, I can go the first 5 minutes of the day before it hits me. But sorry, not today. Of course, I had all these plans that got pushed back. I ended up in bed most of the day instead. And when I finally got out of it, the pain spiked so badly I was screaming in aisle 4 of the supermarket as I thought about why the heck I'd ever left my bed.

But I have learned that there is plenty I can do when I'm in laid up in bills, shop, connect a whole slew of Jews to each other and even better talk to converts who need help staying sane during the conversion process. That final one was the best part of my day. Even while my head was spinning so much it was hard to sit up, I was able to provide comfort to someone else. (Two folks actually and that's a great feat...being able to manage two phone calls in one day without collapsing!) Made me feel pretty useful as a human being on a day when I felt pretty useless.

My dastardly plan, of course, is to connect (almost) every convert to each other to create this amazing support system...even if I have to do it from my bed! Even if you don't need support, I bet there's someone who could use your help! If you want to get in on the conversion bit, check out my support group (information's on the left side of my blog). If you're not Orthodox, consider emailing me individually so I can connect you to other non-Orthodox converts and be sure to check out this group: Gereit Tzedek.

(AHEM: Now, please, please avoid the need to respond to my little post with a billion different tips on how I can deal with my chronic pain. Someone asked me today about "my disability" when I mentioned it and even though they didn't know and had never heard of fibromyalgia, they launched into a list of ideas for things they thought would help. I've said it before and I'll say it again: LISTEN, most times, it's just a "weather report," not a cry for help. I have a good doctor, thank you very much. Don't give people advice about their health unless they've asked for it.)