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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update! This was almost a video blog.

I just finished up getting interviewed and photographed (a two-hour process) for an upcoming piece on fibromyalgia. Can't wait to see the finished product. As with any interview, there's that anxiety that some of what you've said will be misinterpreted (as happened with my interview on Christmas and conversion with the NY Times). Plus, what if I look fat in the photos?! (I mean it is winter! I gained 10 pounds. Oh no!)

Also, apparently, being interviewed and photographed is like running a marathon for me because right now, all I want is a nap but I'm dragging myself to the gym in 15 minutes, fibromyalgia be damned! My friends are fascinated about how I've managed to become semi-famous without leaving the house very often. Welcome to the life of a freelance writer/blogger/speaker. Being semi-famous isn't always what it's cracked up to be but I'll whine about that later.

Anyway, I have so much to say about Limmud NY and I may or may not get a chance to blog (or even video blog) about it next week. Limmud is such an incredible experience, especially for someone who didn't have the luxury of day schools, yeshivas, camp and such. I schmoozed with so many people, I'm surprised my face didn't fall off (thank you, dear muscle relaxers!).

I also networked a bit at Limmud and thanks to my "Memoirs of a Jewminicana" session and my stint on a diversity panel, I am in the process of lining up more speaking gigs. Despite how much I love writing, I think I prefer speaking gigs to freelance writing but to be honest, both are pretty taxing on my body. Mostly, I think for me performing is much more invigorating than writing.

Okay, okay, my evil timer is warning me that my 15 minutes are up. Please, please, please keep the letters coming. It's taking me longer to write back now that I'm trying to retrain myself to use the computer less and less but every letter is appreciated! I love hearing about your stories, your journeys to Judaism, and all the wonderful (and sad) things you share with me.

By the way, a special welcome new readers! Even if you've been reading for a while, this blog goes all way to the 2005 when I began the conversion process and there's always plenty to read in my portfolio!

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